About Us

ATLAS medical technologies GmbH is a young german company that develops and distributes navigation robotics for medical doctors in the field of interventional radiology and orthopedics.

Like your navigation app on your smartphone, our robotics enables simple target guidance, tailored precisely to the treatment process. Our new innovative 4D Laser Navigation robotics optimizes the workflow in clinical routine and enables gentler, shorter and lower radiation treatment of patients through precise instrument navigation.

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Microtherapy – Spine

Back pain ranks among the most common ailments in humans. In this practical guide, you will learn how to effectively and sustainably treat your patients by using microtherapy.

Specialized pain therapy techniques are also described in a way that can be directly implemented. The editor is a pioneer in the field and, along with an international team of authors, provides interdisciplinary expert knowledge on the microtherapeutic approach.



Dr. Hannemann, Med360grad Berlin
Prof. Dr. Grönemeyer
Prof. Dr. med. Zech, Universitätsspital Basel
Dr. med. Ulrich Reinwand, Med360grad Köln
Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Fischer, Orthopädisches Zentrum Darmstadt