The mobile system for image guided interventions.


  • periradicular therapy (PRT)
  • biopsy
  • epidural injection
  • facette joint injection (FGI)
  • denervation
  • controlled pain therapies

Optimise your image – guided interventions with the ATLAS Navigation System

Easy to use, fast and highly precise

The ATLAS laser navigation Robotic is your reliable assistant for your image-guided interventions. ATLAS facilitates any kind of imageguided intervention: whether simple drainage with axial access or a complicated tumor therapy with several double – angulated needles.
According to your interventional plan ATLAS Navigation indicates the skin puncture site by laser. Insert the needle at the laser point and align the needle to the laser beam. The laser marks the puncture trajectory. Insert the needle up to the indicated depth. Now you have reached your destination.

Optimised workflow, reduced radiation exposure

The ATLAS Navigation is perfectly integrated into the interventional workflow. It provably saves procedure steps, control scans and time up to 50 %.

Efficient, low risk, cost saving, patient friendly

  • The costs of treatment are reduced thanks to higher CT-utilization and a reduction of additional disposables.
  • Depending on the treatment method and frequency, return of investement is achieved after only a few months (example calculations on request).
  • Risks and follow-up treatments are avoided.
  • Quality and calculability of the treatment process are significantly improved.
  • Customer perception and satisfaction are enhanced thanks to quick, pain-reduced and low-radiation treatment.

Clinical studies

Publications and studies can be found in European Journal of Radiology.
Latest studies at

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