Fast, precise and less radiation

  • Are you looking for a way to even faster, more precise and safer CT-guided interventions?
  • Is conventional intervention planning too imprecise and time-consuming for you?
  • Would you rather take care of your patients than worry about complicated technology?

Areas of application

  • Pain therapy
  • Biopsy
  • Tumor Therapy

3D-LNR facilitates any kind of CT-guided intervention: whether simple drainage with axial access or a complicated tumor therapy with several double – angulated needles.

The LNR-laser guides your puncture instruments quickly and easily to their destination in any CT-guided intervention.


  • After switching on, 3D-LNR is ready for operation in no time.
  • Obtain the CT-images of your patient.
  • Plan the punctures by drawing lines in axial and/or freely-angulated images.
  • 3D-LNR indicates the skin puncture site by laser.
  • Insert the needle at the laser point and align the needle to the laser beam.
  • The laser marks the puncture trajectory.
  • Insert the needle up to the indicated depth.
  • Now you have reached your destination.


Optimize your Workflow

Compared to freehand-puncture and other CT navigation systems, 3D-LNR™ offers substantial benefits.

  • Intuitive and easy operation.
  • 3D-LNR instantly provides all intervention parameters (CT-table position, puncture site, puncture angle, puncture depth).
  • Optimized workflow with significantly reduced intervention time.
  • Risk prevention: Highest precision and elimination of error-prone process steps.
  • Reduced pain: Quick, very precise puncture.
  • 50% less exposure to radiation.
  • Contactless navigation: Fully tactile feedback.
  • No special equipment required: Use your usual instruments.

Increase your turn over

Atlas 3D-LNR™ offers substantial economic benefits compared to standard procedures:

  • The costs of treatment are reduced thanks to higher CT-utilization, the deployment of less experienced personnel and a reduction of additional disposables.
  • Depending on the treatment method and frequency, ROI is achieved after only a few months (example calculations on request).
  • Risks and follow-up treatments are avoided.
  • Quality and calculability of the treatment process are significantly improved.
  • Customer perception and satisfaction are enhanced thanks to quick, pain-reduced and low-radiation treatment.


3D-LNR consists of a computer workstation on the CT-console and a mechanical system in the CT-room. The mechanical system is installed at the ceiling of the CT-room and can be swiveled in front of the CT-gantry, if required. An additional monitor is installed in the CT-room.

  • The physician plans a puncture in the LNR-planning software by drawing a line on an axial or freely-angled CT-image.
  • After activating an intervention plan, the laser is positioned by the fully-automatic system with maximum precision. The laser beam marks the needle path.
  • There are no registrations or adjustments required.
  • A simple, daily test ensures the accuracy of the 3D-LNR.